The Gettysburg Leadership Experience

The Gettysburg Battlefield has been called “the finest classroom in America,” and not just for the study of history and military tactics, but for contemporary leadership development.

The Gettysburg Leadership Experience offers a unique approach to leadership development by using history as a metaphor for modern day leadership issues.

Open Enrollment Dates Announced for 2014

October 14-15, 2014 - SOLD OUT

If you are interested in a dedicated program for your organization, please contact Bill Wilson at for more information.

Unique Program Design

This experiential, multiday course examines the leadership styles, decisions and principles displayed by military leaders before, during and after the battle. Through classroom discussion, video illustrations and visits to the battlefield, participants will learn how to apply these timeless leadership lessons to current organizational situations and challenges.

Effective Leadership Principles

As evidenced during the Battle of Gettysburg, groups and organizations are transformed one person at a time. The ultimate objective of this unique program is to arm each participant with the knowledge and confidence to apply what they’ve learned in meaningful ways in their own organizations. Leadership is a choice, and that reality is the spirit of The Gettysburg Leadership Experience.